The Dream   Oil on Canvas  110cm H x 100cm W   (Sold)

The Doll Collector  Oil on Aluminium View Panel 90cm H x 75cm W

Solving the Riddle  Oil on Canvas 92cm W x 60cm H  (SOLD)

Forever in Blue Jeans   Oil on Canvas   102cm H x 78cm W

Once Upon a Time   Oil on Canvas   102cm H x 78cm W

The Visitors    Pastel on Tex paper     40cm H x 50cm W

Alice and the Midden Shell    Oil on Canvas     75cm H x 60cm W
Beauty Bound (after Horst)   Oil on Linen    90cm H x 87cm W

The Cat & The Dove      Oil on Linen     100cm H x 92cm W

Summer Days_ Woorim      Oil on Canvas      50cm H x 40cm W (SOLD)

 Summer Rose      Oil on Linen     89cm H x 69cm W

The Seduction of Leda      Oil on Linen    101cm H x 108cm W (SOLD)

Arranging   Flowers  Oil on Canvas 90cm H x 60cm W (SOLD)

Sulking   Oil on Canvas   122cm H x 92cm W

(Collection of Moreton Bay Regional Galleries)



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